Verb & Preposition Combinations

One fussy, finicky, frustrating part of English is the prepositions. We have quite a few of them, and each verb naturally goes with one specific preposition, or sometimes 2 or 3 or more. Learning them is really a task in memorisation. I’ve included here a list to get you started. I’ve also got some handy lists for Quizlet.

Quizlet is a wonderful mobile app and desktop website which can help you memorise almost anything by using games, activities, and flash cards. It is remarkably effective and works quickly. Do yourself a favour and do these 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the app
  2. Join my Quizlet class to get free access to useful English study sets
  3. Study the Verb & Preposition Combinations in my Quizlet class!
Work for
Apologize for
Apply for
Ask for
Blame for
Care for
Excuse for
Head for
Long for
Pay for
Pray for
Prepare for
Scold for
Search for
Vote for
Wait for
Borrow from
Escape from
Graduate from
Hide from
Prevent from
Prohibit from
Protect from
Recover from
Rescue from
Resign from
Retire from
Save from
Separate from
Suffer from
Agree on
Base on
Be on
Blame on
Comment on
Concentrate on
Congratulate on
Count on
Depend on
Elaborate on
Insist on
Rely on
Aim at
Arrive at
Glance at
Hint at
Laugh at
Look at
Marvel at
Point at
Smile at
Stare at
Argue about
Ask about
Be about
Care about
Decide about
Dream about
Forget about
Know about
Laugh about
Think about
Worry about
Agree with
Associate with
Compare with
Comply with
Confuse with
Cover with
Deal with
Discuss with
Help with
Trust with
Absorb in
Arrive in
Believe in
Confide in
Involve in
Participate in
Result in
Specialize in
Succeed in
Trust in

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