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Learning vocabulary can be natural, easy, and effortless. We can learn English vocabulary by simply watching a video, TV show or movie, listening to a podcast, having a chat, or reading an article or novel. That doesn’t exactly sound like work, does it? Simply use English, and words will automatically enter your vocabulary. What’s more, you can guess the meaning and the nuance from the context. Perfect! But what about those words that don’t enter your brain easily? Those words that seem weird, hard to pronounce, and impossible to remember? How do you learn words that your brain doesn’t want to hold on to?

One of my favourite tools for learning vocabulary is Quizlet. I personally use it when I’m studying a language because it offers games, cue cards, quizzes, and even reads the vocabulary to me when I’m too lazy to study. Also, after a class it’s really easy to make your own study set of English vocabulary in order to really memorise those new words. Best of all, it’s a free app on Android, Apple and web browser.

Below you’ll find an easy instructional video of how to use Quizlet. You will also find a starter set of English vocabulary to help get you started. Give it a try and start building your vocabulary now.

How to use Quizlet

Quizlet English Vocabulary Sets for Free

Here are some Quizlet vocabulary sets to get you started. Don’t forget that you can make your own study sets too.

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