English Job Interview Workshop Series

The English Job Interview Workshop Series

An English job interview can at the same time be a dream come true and your worst nightmare. How can you be so close to the thing you most want, only to be faced with a double challenge like an English job interview? I designed this free workshop series to help you. It follows the same practical approach that I use in my one-on-one interview preparation classes. The focus is on speaking, organising your thoughts, understanding the questions, and understanding the interviewer.

There are 11 modules in the English Job Interview Workshop Series. Each module asks you to do a preparation task or answer a certain type of question. You can go at your own speed and give each module your thought before you pick up the next one.

The workshop is available for free on the website, or as a downloadable eBook complete with worksheets.

By the end of the Interview Workshop, you will:

  • Be prepared to give a more effective, convincing, confident interview.
  • Have a better chance of getting your dream job.
  • Be familiar and comfortable with the most popular English interview questions.
  • Be aware of dangers and risks for each question.
  • Have a strategy and answer ready for each question.
  • Understand the point of view of your interviewer.
  • Have collected valuable research necessary for the interview

English Job Interview Modules

  1. Each picture below takes you to a different module in the workshop. Click on the first module to begin.
  2. Take your time with the workshop because the results and benefits depend on how much thought and practise you give to each section.
  3. Write your answers on the worksheets. If you start off with paragraph form, try to simplify your point form answers which only use 5 words per answer.
  4. Download the eBook to have all the materials organised in one convenient place.
  5. If you’re like me, you might want to print off the eBook so that you can refer to it more easily.
  6. Practise is key, so talk to your mirror, your camera, or schedule a one-on-one practise session with me to get some objective feedback

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