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Your course is as unique as you are.

Choose the English course that is perfect for you and your learning goals

mix & match

Your course is designed specifically for you, so you might prefer to have a combination of goals. You could study business English one day, and general English the next, conversation one day, and English fundamentals the next.

Simply explain your combination of goals to the teacher and

  • The best of all worlds
  • General English
  • Business English
  • English Fundamentals
  • All class materials
  • Anything that interests you can become a lesson

general English

Are you planning a trip abroad?
Do you need a better English score at school or university?
Do you interact with foreigners and want to chat with them?
Are you hoping to use English in your career?
Do you want to enjoy English movies, TV or books?

These very flexible courses are about anything and everything your heart desires.

  • Current Events
  • Travelling. Shopping
  • Movies. TV. YouTube
  • Politics. Hobbies. Ted Talks
  • Can be academic or conversational, or a combination
  • All class materials
  • Anything that interests you can become a lesson

business english

Does your dream job need English skills?
Do you want to be more effective in meetings?
Are you nervous giving presentations in English?

This course will teach you the English skills you need to improve your career.

  • Meetings. Emails. Presentations
  • Business Trips. Negotiations
  • Charts. Statistics
  • Social English
  • All class materials
  • Custom Topics

english test

An English certificate can be the key to your dream job or university.

These courses can improve your chances and get the score you need.

  • FCE (Cambridge First Certificate)
  • CAE (Cambridge Advanced English)

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