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English for Meetings Workshop

Managing effective meetings can be an art form that requires balancing and dealing with interruptions, digressions, and strong personalities. Sometimes, it might feel like a juggling act trying to keep all these pieces in the air, and the task becomes doubly difficult when you add the challenge of managing the meeting in English. This series will look at different functions of the business meeting and provide useful English phrases that can provide easier understanding, as well as finer nuance of your meaning. With this eBook series, using English for meetings has never been simpler.
In this series, you will learn English phrases for:

  1. Opening & Closing a Meeting
  2. Giving Opinions & Suggestions
  3. Agreeing
  4. Disagreeing
  5. Asking for Feedback
  6. Managing Communication

In each section you will find standard English phrases that you can mix, match and adapt to your specific content.

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