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What is a General English Class?

A General English Class is not focused on Business English or preparing for a test. This means that you are totally free to explore anything you want. You can work on a mix of all the English skills or you can focus on a specific English weakness or challenge.


  • Build confidence
  • Speak faster
  • Sound natural
  • Speak about many topics


  • Understand fast talkers
  • Understand native speakers
  • Participate in conversations
  • Understand TV & Youtube


  • Read more quickly
  • Read newspapers
  • Read internet articles


  • Emails
  • Reports
  • Essays


  • Understand any topic
  • Speak about any topic
  • Learn nuance


  • Express thoughts easily
  • Practise grammar in a real situation

What Can We Talk About?

Talking is the most important part of class. The truth is that most of my students never had enough talking practise in their previous English classes. The goal in our classes is for you to talk for most of the time. We try to find topics that you are interested in, so your personality decides the course and the content. Each word in the word cloud represents a class that was made specifically for a student and their interests.

What’s New?

Your class can be enriched by today’s topics & themes. There’s a never-ending supply of amazing materials, subjects and ideas available on the internet. It’s your private class, so it’s your choice.

Coursebook Curriculum

For a stronger pedagogical focus with a more complete curriculum, you might want an English course based on a coursebook. You can choose from our collection of well-researched English coursebooks. All materials are included in the course.

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