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English News Websites for Learning Vocabulary

News Websites

Reading the news every day is a habit that can quickly expand your vocabulary. There is an investment at the beginning when you will spend a lot of time with your dictionary learning new vocabulary. The good news is that after a short while, you will notice that there are a lot of high repetition words. Once you learn these core words, reading the news becomes quite simple.

News vs Graded News

News is good, but graded news is even better. Graded news websites present you news stories that are written in simple English to make reading easier and more enjoyable. Some of them even come with audio recordings to practise your listening skills and learn proper pronunciation. There are even vocabulary focus section and sometimes even exercises, games, or role plays. In addition, you can sometimes choose your English level in order to make the experience even easier.

The Top 3 News Websites for Learning English

These websites provide so many English learning resources that it would be a shame to not take advantage of the opportunity. There is surely a story that you would enjoy. Why not have a look? Better yet, make it a weekly habit!

Breaking News English – ELT Buzz

Breaking News English

This website publishes a few new articles every week. You can choose from easy and intermediate levels. Each article is written in simpler English and comes with vocabulary exercises, role plays, debates, discussion activities, and games to help you learn faster.

BBC English

The BBC has news stories that are written in simple English with highlighted vocabulary. The audio and script are both included so you can practise your listening and reading skills in UK English.

Voice of America

Voice of America publishes news articles every week with an accompanying US English audio clip and vocabulary focus.

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