The Best Way to Learn Vocabulary

Building your vocabulary can be one of the easiest, most fun parts of learning English. Each new word brings you new worlds and freedom in expression. Maybe you learned English a long time ago by studying and memorizing vocabulary lists for tests and exams and have bad memories from it. The best way to learn English vocabulary is much easier, and a lot more fun:

  1. Do what you like
    • Look for materials that are based on your interests and passions.
    • If you like yoga, look for yoga Youtube videos, yoga blogs & magazines. Why not take yoga classes in English if possible?
    • The point is to study the English that interests and excites you. You will be much more likely to be motivated to learn, and you will have a higher chance of remembering it.
  1. Do it often
    • Habits are good. Repetition is important.
    • Find a way to make English part of your daily routine. Even if it is only 10 minutes per day that you spend reading a news story without studying the vocabulary. Even if you just watch a 10 minute video from your favourite English language Youtuber.
    • Every little bit is helpful and gives you regular contact with English.
  1. Build an English environment
    • Put English labels on everything all over your home
    • Find at least 1 English TV show that you like and make it your new addiction.
    • Listen to English language music
    • Read English novels
    • Read the news in English
    • Find an English language blogger that you like and follow them
    • Cook using English recipes
    • If you need info, use Google in English first
  1. Use it
    • Take English classes
    • Talk to yourself
    • Get a conversation partner
    • Talk to your cat, dog, fish, cactus plant
    • Join a language exchange group
    • Talk to your TV
    • Take an online course that is taught in English