English Job Interview - Personal Questions

English Job Interview #9-Personal

Personal questions during an English job interview may seem quite odd, especially if your culture draws a hard line between work life and personal life, but it’s best to be prepared, just in case these questions pop up in the interview. If you answer these non-work questions effectively, you can prove that you’re best qualified for the job.

English Job Interview - Personal Questions

Personal Questions at your English Job Interview

  • What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work?
  • How Do You Prioritize Your Work?
  • What Are You Passionate About?
  • What Motivates You?

What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work?

Employers would like to know you a bit better to see the type of person you are outside of work.  In fact, your answer here can provide insights into how well you will integrate into the company culture.  For instance, your colleagues may belong to a sports league, have a movie night, or are involved in a charity together.  In other words, if your interests line up with your colleagues’, it speaks favourably on you.

How Do You Balance your Work and Personal Life?

Employers want someone that can handle the work and stress of the job in  a healthy way.  In the same fashion, they would like you to be happy and comfortable at their company.  Remember that replacing you and the investment they have made in you is a huge expense.  They would much rather keep you happy as long as possible.  With that in mind, show that you can work hard at the office and maintain a satisfying life outside the office.

What Are You Passionate About?

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones whose job and passion are one and the same.  For you, this question will be an easy one.  However, for the rest of us who love our job but aren’t passionate about it, or like our job but don’t love it, this question might require more work. You should speak about your hobbies and passions, but try to connect it to the job at hand.  Perhaps your climbing hobby, taught you perseverence, determination, and courage. Maybe your crafts hobby made you more detail oriented.

What Motivates You?

You don’t need to dig too deep into your psyche, but you should show you’re excited about this job and you will be motivated to perform. Think back on your past experiences, and relay a story about a colleague, boss, mentor, technology, or project that really got your motor revving.  Why did it motivate you?  What were your actions and results?

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